Words: Megan Vega

Megan Adelaide Vega is a model lifestyle photo blogger who lives in Long Beach, California. Sharing her voice, we are happy and proud to have her at Dan Cassab.

Megan wears the Kitty jacket.
‘ Honestly every fashion show had epic moments, grateful to be a part of them all. ’ — MEGAN VEGA.

DC: You are the perfect description of a fresh relaxed California free soul girl, who manages at the same time to have the allure of a cosmopolitan city, how do you do it?

MV: Living near the beach helps me stay balanced. Work can get very busy and as much as I love the rush of things, I simply love to slow things down, go to the beach with a book in my hand and turn off my phone.

DC: When did you discover that you liked fashion and that it would be your way of life, and that you could write about it?

MV: I discovered my love for fashion at a very young age, I started modeling at the age of 11 and I was infatuated with the rush of it all, putting looks together and creating art. Ever since then I knew I would forever be involved in this industry.

DC: Sharing your blog with others, is also being a role model, what are your messages to your followers?

MV: Simply just by being yourself.

DC: Which spiritual coaches, writers or speakers have given you tools to transform something in your life?

MV: Joan Didion, always and forever.

‘ Just do you and stay true to yourself. ’ — MEGAN VEGA.

DC: Share with us at Dan Cassabs Voices, a mantra you like to live by, as your core values.

MV: Just do you and stay true to yourself.

DC: Describe a regular day in your home by the beach, where you love to sit in your backyard?

MV: I love to start my day off with a hot pilates class, followed by coffee and then working at my computer for a couple of hours normally lol. I’ll shoot any projects that I have coming up and then enjoy the rest of the day by playing with my pups in the backyard or down by the beach.

DC: Who influenced on you when growing up to love fashion?

MV: My Grandma Margaret, she used to model as well and I admired her deeply.

DC: Give us an epic moment that is always in your memory, from a fashion show:

MV: Honestly every fashion show had epic moments, grateful to be a part of them all.


Great coffee spot:

Best place to watch the perfect sunset:
The beach, always.

Favorite spot for a healthy lunch:
Sushi On Fire
A good hike in LA: Griffith Park, Bronson Canyon, Runyon Canyon.