Entering the new year with excitement, we welcome Alexis Badiyi, to our Voices at Dan Cassab, proud to have this empowered woman, share her secrets and tools to achieve her goals. Alexis is currently living in Brooklyn, she was born into a family of talented and creative entrepreneurs, where she learned that everything is possible.

Her intuition and the way she works with energy, makes her a well known stylist, she can style a picture, a flower vase, a location and a model with the best eye in town.

This courageous artist, has embarked on a new adventure, and is now on a business of her own.

Alexis wears the Diana coat.

DC: You are proud of your heritage, what specific talents did you learn and inherit from your family?

AB: Fearless imagination and creativity

DC: Tell us about this new adventure of embarking as an entrepreneur?

AB: Its been about a decade of being a freelance creative. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, dating back generations. This was the example I grew up with and looked up to. This has always felt the most familiar and comfortable to me.

DC: Working with your dreams, and then bringing them to life, is a state of the art, how do you do that?

AB: Working on strengthening your imagination & visualizations. Once I see something in my mind’s eye, it’s as if it has already happened. This fuels me like nothing else to bring these things to life. I’ll think of something non stop until it is fully visualized. Sometimes i’ll fall asleep thinking about it and then dream about it all night. Then when I wake up I’m hit with a wave to create it. I grew up seeing my family do this. My grandmother would be dreaming about something until it clicked & then leap up to create it.

DC: How do you keep grounded in such a hectic city?

AB: I’m from LA where being in nature was always my form of grounding. This can be hard to find in the city. I have found a combination of things to help ground myself. Exercise, meditation, acupuncture, therapy and good friends help.

DC: What advice would you give our readers, as far as vibrating in abundance instead of scarcity?

AB: Abundance attracts abundance, nothing can be created in the paralyzing space of scarcity. Visualize the feeling of abundance, voice gratitude for the areas in your life that are already abundant & feel that warm light expand to all areas of your life. The abundance you seek is also seeking you.

DC: You are an amazing artist, share a mantra of yours for us to keep:

AB: Hold on to the images of your dreams and the illusion of your dreams becomes your reality.


Favorite coffee shop
Abraco East Village, Bittersweet Fort Greene

Coolest vintage spot in town
Desert Vintage, Stella Dallas ,Tokyo 7,L train, 9th street, my favorite way to buy vintage however is online through ebay, etsy, auctions, depop & IG

Where to find perfect flowers
Floral District

Where do locals shop for good furniture?
I’m a big online vintage shopper for good furniture. Once you have keywords, take them to craigslist, facebook marketplace, ebay, etsy & auction sites. I also love thrifting Upstate & Pennsylvania.